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Pharmaplast, A Leader in Global Wound Care And Cosmetics Products
Quality Patient Wound Care is Our Company’s Mission

This company believes in consistent innovation, quality assurance, and the generation of making new wound care products available to medical professionals who also believe in providing maximum patient quality of care while keeping prices cost-efficient. Our mission is to continue to meet the health care needs and challenges arising out of the 21st Century.

The Pharmaplast Corporation was born into existence in 1985 in Kafr-el Zayat, Egypt, through the combined efforts of three dedicated pharmacists. To current date , we have four production sites, with locations in

 Kafr el Zayat.

– Amria free zone.

– Borg el Arab.

– Fourth and newest location in Katunsi, Bulgaria.

Our company specializes in the manufacturing of “Advanced” wound care dressings, retail tapes, and bandages, cosmetics, and all their raw materials. We have a customer base of 400, in 85 countries worldwide.


Our Company Manufacture using 20 production lines:

– Medical Tapes Manufacturing– Film Extrusion
– Adhesive Coating– Non-Woven Manufacturing
– POP Bandages Manufacturing– Wet Spinning Industry
– Super-Absorbent Fibers Manufacturing– Super-Absorbent Powder Manufacturing
– Printing Industry– OTC Bandages Manufacturing
– Sterilization Plant– Hydrocolloid Manufacturing Plant
– Hydrogel Amorphous and Sheets Manufacturing Plant– Post-Operative Dressings Manufacturing Plant
– Polyurethane Foam Manufacturing Plant– Polyurethane Prepolymer Manufacturing Plant
– Weaving– Wipes Manufacturing Plant
– Paper Coating Plant 
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