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blogs(EB) Epidermolysis Bullosa

(EB) Epidermolysis Bullosa

Imagine if your skin was as fragile as a butterfly wing . If it broke , teared and blistered at the slightest touch .

If you had skin that took four hours every day to bandage to keep you alive .

This is the skin of someone living with (EB) Epidermolysis Bullosa , a genetic disorder that affects the body’s largest organ (the skin )

In international epidermolysis bullosa awareness week , pharmaplast supports you with a soft and gentle silicone dressings  that ensures removal of the dressings without pain or trauma to the delicate new Tissues .

ESPUMA® Gentle Transfer is composed of thin polyurethane foam layer, but without polyurethane top sheet, so that the dressing can transfer exudates away from the wound into a secondary absorbent dressing.


Silotull® is double side coated with Silicone adhesive  . Silotull® is not absorbent, but contains apertures or pores that allow the passage of exudate into a secondary absorbent dressing.


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